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Are children's scooters safe? Children's safety knowledge and precautions for riding scooters

Is children's scooter safe
        Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 1960s and evolved from sea surfing. Compared with surfing, which is restricted by geography and climate, skateboarding obviously has more freedom and forms its own language, skills, clothing style and music hobbies. It is characterized by sliding behavior, and does not stick to the fixed mode. It requires skaters to freely play their imagination and create strength in the process of sports.
        It is understood that playing scooter can improve cardiopulmonary function, strengthen leg muscles and strength, effectively stretch leg ligaments, promote bone development, prevent backache, effectively improve people's balance and reaction ability, enhance sensitivity and coordination, which is an ideal choice for physical and technical training. Scooters are interesting, not limited by seasons and venues, and cost little, so they are not only popular with students, but also favored by some adults.
        Skateboard is very simple, not too difficult skills, as long as courage, not afraid of falling, a week can master the basic skills and simple patterns. First of all, learn to slide on the skateboard, with the center of gravity on the foot of the central axis and the body leaning forward a little. Drag the foot to support and slide the ground rhythmically. If you want to stop, don't always use the tail brake. If you want to stop, first lower the front foot, and then use your foot to drag the floor to stop, so as to maintain the elasticity of the board. After walking and stopping, practice turning. Use your feet to force the skateboard to tilt up. Control the turning angle with the rotation of your hands, waist and other parts of your body. After mastering these basic movements, you can play all kinds of tricks. When playing board, remember to bring good music, which can greatly promote your board skills.
        In fact, skateboarding has many similarities with the familiar roller skating, which are street tools and popular outdoor sports. However, skateboarding is a little more difficult in control, with higher technology and more patterns. The skateboard only relies on the friction between the sole and the board surface to drive the body to do movement. It not only needs to be high in the air and good-looking in the action, but also the feet cannot leave the board surface when landing. The slight force of heel and toe will affect the balance and stability.
        Although skateboarding is fun and exciting, players should pay special attention to that because of the flexible body of the scooter, it is easy for players to lose their balance and fall down. No matter the novice or experienced "drivers", they should try to play in the park, square and other flat, open places with less vehicles, and wear gloves, wristbands, elbows, knee pads, helmets and other protective devices. In addition, the scooter is very fast when sliding, and the player's response must be agile. Children under the age of 8 should not play skateboard.

Safety knowledge of skateboarding
1. Adjust the wheel to make it run freely.
2. Adjust the elasticity of cushion with lock nut.
3. Oil the bearing regularly to reduce sliding resistance.
4. Beginners need to slide on the slope with small inclination angle, and gradually change different slopes.
5. Do not slide on wet or rough roads.
6. The replacement parts shall be of the same specification as the original parts.

Scooter safety equipment
1, helmet
A helmet of excellent quality is an important safety device for you. We are sure that if you don't wear a helmet when riding a scooter, the scratch and sprain can be recovered quickly, but the head injury will greatly affect your future life.
2, protective shoes
It must be pointed out that the shoes must be durable and wear well without discomfort. The vast majority of sports shoes are very suitable for scooter sports, sandals and high root shoes are the least suitable for scooter sports.
3, kneecap
The most significant invention for kneepad is the invention of plastic kneepad. In addition, there are many knee protectors with good effect. It is better to wear any knee protector than not.
4, gloves
There are many shapes and sizes of scooter gloves. Some people in the United States and Japan use scooter gloves, but some people use gardening gloves instead of scooter gloves. The ideal gloves are not only fit but also protect your hands from injury.
5, wrist protectors
Like kneepad, wrist guards with plastic brim are good wrist guards, and many substitutes have the same function.

Seven safety precautions for riding scooter
1. The scooter should be used in a safe place, never in the road and some unsafe areas;
2. Make sure to use safety articles, such as sports shoes, helmets, wrist guards, etc., and take safety measures;
3. Bad vision at night, so please do not use;
4. Children under the age of 8 must use it under protection;
5. Make sure the screws and nuts are in good condition before use;
6. When it is used to a certain extent, please replace the tire to avoid brake failure due to tire wear;