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Is children's scooter safe?

        There are more and more cases of children injured by playing scooter, and consumers pay more and more attention to the safety and design rationality of such products. On November 16, the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the people's Republic of China released the results of a comparative test of children's scooters, which showed that all scooters below 100 yuan failed the safety test.

        It is reported that the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the people's Republic of China commissioned the Guangzhou Customs Technical Center to carry out a comparative test of children's scooters. Test the common scooters on the market, including French kolebo, velebo, udona, Kuqi, etc. The samples of the comparative test were purchased randomly from the e-commerce platform or physical store by the staff of the municipal consumer committee and Guangzhou Customs Technical Center as ordinary consumers, involving 18 brands and 18 models, with the purchase price ranging from 65 yuan / set to 844 yuan / set. According to the consumer's concerns, the test refers to the differences in domestic and foreign standards and the risk points of such products. The test items include holes, gaps, brakes, wheel sizes, the thickness of plastic bags for packaging, signs, warnings and instructions for use, pedal antiskid, special functions, etc.

        No scooter below 100 yuan has passed the safety test
        Among the 18 samples, the safety performance of the Three Wheel Scooter and the frog scooter is slightly better than that of the two wheel scooter, and the safety performance has a great relationship with the price.
        Safety performance is the safety factor of the assessment of the scooter, an important indicator of the scooter, and also a concern of consumers. The test results show that 7 of the 18 samples have passed the test of all safety performance indicators, including 5 three-wheel scooters, 1 frog scooter and 1 two wheel scooter, accounting for 50%, 50% and 20% of all samples respectively.
        In addition, it was found in the test that three scooters under RMB 100 failed to pass the safety performance index test; three of the four scooters between RMB 100-200 failed, with a failure rate of 75%; three of the eight scooters between RMB 200-300 failed, with a failure rate of 37.5%; all the three scooters above RMB 500 passed, with a failure rate of 0. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of the people's Republic of China, price is related to safety performance.
        Among the 18 samples, the Three Wheel Scooter and the two wheel scooter have better anti-skid performance. Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the people's Congress of the people's Republic of China said that when children use toy scooters, the matted and antiskid pedal can prevent the foot board from slipping during playing, which is an important indicator for the assessment of scooters. The larger the percentage of antiskid area is, the higher the score is; the larger the sliding angle is, the higher the score is. The test results show that among the 18 samples, 9 of the three wheeled scooter samples have a antiskid area percentage of more than 50%, accounting for 90%; 6 of the samples have a sliding angle of more than 13 degrees, accounting for 60%. There are 6 types of two wheel scooter samples with the antiskid area percentage greater than 50%, accounting for 100%; there are 4 types with the sliding angle greater than 13 degrees, accounting for 66.7%. Therefore, the pedal antiskid performance of Three Wheel Scooter and two wheel scooter is generally good.

        Incomplete warning instructions for some products
        It is understood that some problems have also been found in this comparative test, one of which is incomplete or incomprehensible signs and warning slogans. Some samples are not provided with complete identification or warning instructions. If the product is not marked with "maximum bearing capacity 50kg", the package is not marked with "warning!"! Wear protective equipment, warning words "not suitable for children weighing more than 50kg", etc. In the sample, some products are provided with gifts, such as baskets, protectors, etc. the thickness of the plastic bags is too thin, which does not meet the standard requirements.
        In this regard, the municipal consumer committee will inform the relevant production units of the test results according to the procedures. The committee said that up to now, it has received written feedback from six enterprises, including Shenzhen Liyu sporting goods Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xinzheng industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Yongkang Balong industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Suzhou Kaidi Kraft Trading Co., Ltd., Yucun industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Euramerican excellent international Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., all of which have sorted out the existing problems of their related products Check and rectify.

        Children's scooter selection taught by CC
        1. According to the actual situation of children.
        Three wheel scooter is more suitable for young children. When purchasing, first check whether there is a rigid circular hole, a gap between folding or moving parts, to see whether it is easy to hurt children. It is necessary to choose the right scooter according to the height of children. Generally speaking, the height of the handle of the scooter should be between the child's shoulder and navel. When buying in a physical store, children can stand on the pedal for trial use. When buying online, you should pay attention to that the nominal height of the product is generally measured from the ground.
        The two wheeled scooter needs high balance skills and handling ability, which is suitable for older children. Choose products with large anti-skid area, good anti-skid effect, adjustable riser height to fit children's height, and easy operation of brake device.
The frog scooter is large in size and heavy in weight. It needs a certain amount of strength when operating, so it is more suitable for older children. Breaststroke scooter is generally dominated by handbrake. When purchasing, you should choose products with small handbrake force that can easily play the role of brake.

        2. When selecting products, first look at the packaging:
        for regular enterprises whose products meet the national standards, they usually pay more attention to product packaging. So try to choose products with good packaging, clear printing, complete model, specification, factory name and factory site. Second, look at the appearance: for materials with good quality, the color is bright and bright, while for materials with poor quality, such as recycled materials, the color is often gray. Carefully check whether the use instructions and identification labels of the scooter are complete.
        3. Look at the after-sales service quality of production enterprises and sales units
        4. Consumers should pay attention to the commodity quality supervision information recently issued by the authority department at ordinary times, try their best to buy the model or brand that is not found to be unqualified in the spot check, and do not buy the unqualified commodities.
        If the purchased goods are found to be unqualified in the sampling inspection, they shall be handled according to the unqualified conditions. If the marks and instructions are slightly unqualified and do not affect the use and safety protection performance, they can continue to be used. In case of serious product quality problems such as mechanical physical properties or chemical properties, the seller or manufacturer shall be contacted to know whether the purchased products are in the unqualified batch or not. If so, the return of the goods should be communicated.