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To choose children's scooter, you should know these six points to avoid stepping on thunder

        Scooter, as a popular children's toy, is also favored by children and parents in ordinary life.
        There are also a wide variety of motorcycle parents on the market who will inevitably pick flowers that don't know how to choose the right scooter for their children in order to avoid the thunder rush, and parents just need to know these points.

        Buy the scooter to watch these six points, when the baby plays the skateboard, the pedal has contact with the pedal, so the pedal is very critical.
        First,The pedal made of PP has strong anti-skid and wear resistance in the market.
        Second, the material of the scooter some parents must pay attention to, if the handlebars are not easy to control, the children are easy to wrestle. First of all, we should consider the material of the scooter, choose the soft plastic material, because the soft plastic material is soft, the baby is more comfortable to carry, durable, anti-slip is also stronger than other materials, can prevent the baby from playing when the hand slippery situation. Secondly, we should also consider the carrying capacity of the scooter, the carrying capacity of the scooter is generally about 50 kg, but just like walking bicycle, the higher the carrying capacity of 60 kg, the higher the carrying capacity of the scooter, while ensuring the quality of the scooter, adults can also play with their own children to double the happiness.
        Third,consider the height of the handlebar, below the child's chest is appropriate, not only to let the baby grab the handlebars, but also to make it easier for the baby to control it.
        Fourth, whether you can adjust the height of the scooter is a practical child toy. As your child ages, if you choose a scooter with a riser, you can adjust the height of the scooter according to your child's height. As long as a car can accompany the child healthy and happy growth.
        Fifth,the wheel size material of the wheel and the size of the wheel size material are directly affected by the safety of the children ride, and have a great cushioning effect. Make sure the baby doesn't get hurt on the rough road.
        sixth, the PoQE small monster scooter based on folding function selects and buys the scooter with folding function, which is easy to collect and carry. When considering this, I suggest parents choose a lighter scooter.
        when buying kids scooters. This is directly related to the safety of children riding bicycles. Typically, the brake is set at the top of the rear wheel. When selecting, step on the foot and teach the child to play the slider correctly. When choosing a scooter, parents can easily choose a skateboard for their children as long as they know more than six points.